What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click

This is a very popular model of Internet advertising to direct traffic to websites. You pay the search engine or website every time a potential customer clicks on a link to your web page.  Most search engines offer this type of advertising and have a bid system to determine where you show up on the search engines webpage vs. others that are going for the same word.  The benefit of this method of advertising is that it is instant to show up in the “Sponsored Ads” section of the search engine for the word you are bidding on.

Local Pay Per Click

Are you a local business that only needs to market to a small area? Then this is a great way to target your specific audience while saving money and effort, by getting relevant traffic to your website.  With our knowledge we can best determine the ads that are working for you, see what is converting, and fine-tune your campaign for maximum efficiency.

Facebook Ads:

With over 800 million subscribers Facebook would be the 3rd largest country in the world.  This is a great platform to target your audience to either you website or your Custom Facebook Page.  Not only can this help make your business grow with exposure to your name, but it will help your overall visibility.   Let Websites And Then Some help you manage your Facebook Ads and help increase your brand name!

Why use Websites And Then Some for your Pay Per Click

  • Targeted Ads to entice and maximize your viewers.
  • Competitor analysis, bid and position management and Keyword research.
  • Monthly reporting to quantify success.
  • Our experience and knowledge of PPC campaigns has resulted in increased ROI.
  • We will work with you to manage and build your PPC strategy.
  • We can integrate with our other products for larger reach and maximizing overall goals.